Thursday, March 23, 2017

It's time to register for the coming year!

Spanish Bilingual Registration is open at Earl Grey School for children going into Kindergarten, or Grade 1. Call the school at (204) 474-1441 to register.

Children don't have to have a Spanish speaking background, or have even attended the current Kindergarten class to be able to register for the program. Even if your child is going into grade 1, there is a space for them, but hurry and register your child!

The current kindergarten class is amazing - many are already reading and writing in Spanish. I was just there a few days ago and it was so cool to see how all these children were comfortable responding to my questions in Spanish, they understood everything I was reading them in Spanish. Just to note that half of the students in the class don't come from a Spanish speaking family.This is a great opportunity for your child!

Don't be disappointed, register today!

Saturday, December 31, 2016

Where we are at now!

We are happy to say that the Kindergarten class of 2016 has been up and running at Earl Grey school with much success. The class is full and the teacher is fabulous! We are so happy for the community support and for the families who have enrolled their children in the program.

Looking ahead in the new year, we want to remind families that registration for the 2017/18 school year will begin in February and March of 2017. Parents can register their child for either kindergarten or for grade 1 in Spanish Bilingual at Earl Grey.  You can call the school at (204) 474-1441.

As for our other projects, we are still gathering support to bring proposals to other school divisions in Winnipeg. If you live in St. James School Division, River East Transcona School Division, Louis Riel School Division, Pembina Trails School Division, or Seven Oaks School Division and want to see Spanish Bilingual programming, please contact us at

Another thing we are working at is to propose a late entry at Earl Grey School for the coming year; if you have a child in grade 6 right now and want them to enter into a late program, please contact us right away so we can put together a proposal for a grade 7 Spanish Bilingual class at Earl Grey School.

We wish you all the best in 2017!!

Eugenia and Kathy

Sunday, June 26, 2016

Parent Meeting with Spanish Embassy - Reunión de padres con la Embajada de España.

We had a very informative session led by Maria de los Santos Espejo Quijada from the Spanish Embassy in Ottawa. To become or maintain Spanish bilingualism for your child, there are some very important things that must happen, because without it, the child will not keep Spanish, even if they speak it now.

Maria stressed that many Latin American families think that since their preschool child speaks Spanish fluently, that will not change. However, once they are in school and speaking and reading and writing English and French, it doesn't take long before the child no longer can communicate in Spanish. The fact is, our society is English dominant. So, what can Spanish families do?

1. Bilingual Education - Register your child in Manitoba's first Spanish program at Earl Grey School

2. Set goals for your family and set aside 5 or 6 hours in the week to speak, read or study Spanish together.

3. Improve your Spanish skills as a parent so that your child sees you actively working on your Spanish as well.

4. Determine what activities will be in Spanish (example, reading, movie watching, bath time, meals) and where (in the home, at the park, when shopping).

Tuvimos una sesión informativa dirigida por Maria de los Santos Espejo quijada de la Embajada de España en Ottawa. Para adquirir o mantener el bilingüismo español para su niño, hay algunas cosas muy importantes que debe ocurrir, porque sin él, el niño no se mantendrá en español, incluso si hablan ahora.

María subrayó que muchas familias latinoamericanas creo que dado que su niño preescolar habla español con fluidez, que no va a cambiar. Sin embargo, una vez que estén en la escuela y hablar y leer y escribir en inglés y francés, no se tarda mucho antes de que el niño ya no puede comunicarse en español. El hecho es que nuestra sociedad dominante es el inglés. Entonces, ¿qué pueden hacer las familias españolas?

1. La educación bilingüe - Registrar su niño en Manitoba del primer programa de español en la Escuela de Earl Grey

2. Establecer metas para su familia y aparte de 5 o 6 horas a la semana para hablar, leer o estudiar Español juntos.

3. Mejorar su castellano como un padre para que su hijo lo vea trabajando activamente en su español también.

4. Determinar qué actividades serán en español (por ejemplo, leer, ver películas, el tiempo del baño, comidas) y dónde (en el hogar, en el parque, cuando compras).

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Meeting this Monday with Spanish Embassy!


We have this amazing opportunity to hear from the Spanish Embassy Representative from Ottawa, Maria de los Santos Espejo Quijada!

When: Monday June 20th at 6:30 p.m.

Where: Earl Grey School, 340 Cockburn Street N.

Maria will be speaking to families on how to support their child in a bilingual program, for those that don't speak Spanish at home. She will also be addressing Spanish speaking families on the importance of a bilingual program to retain not only oral Spanish, but written as well.

This is open for anyone, regardless of catchment or age of child! Please let your contacts know, especially those who aren't sure about Spanish Bilingual and need to know more.

Sunday, June 12, 2016

Important Updates

1. They have hired the Spanish teacher for September who will be the kindergarten teacher and the Spanish resource teacher

2. Earl Grey will be getting a new principal as the current one is retiring. They will have someone hired by June 21st

3. Registration is still open for kindergarten and there are two child care centres in and beside the school, Dante Day Nursery and Earl Grey Children's Centre. If daycare is an issue for registration, register your child at EG and then call the two centres informing them you have registered your child and they will make you a priority. EGCC only has children from EG school, so you can't get a spot until you register at the school.

Because this concerns a number of families who have already registered, Celia informed us it is very difficult for the division to know how serious families are and therefore it is difficult to promise a spot in the program. She suggested that if out of catchment families are committed to having their child in this program, not just for kindergarten but through the next 6-12 years, they need to communicate that. 

To state your commitment, call the District Superintendent and the principal at Earl Grey School. Reiterate that there is no Spanish program in your division, and so you won't go anywhere. If the child you have registered is your oldest, point out that there is little chance of moving them and a 100% chance their younger siblings will be coming to EG. Add anything else that you think may be relevant. 

5. The division found a local Winnipeg author that writes Spanish children's books and they are working to provide additional resources for the kindergarten class.

6. The Rep. from the Spanish Embassy in Ottawa, Maria de los Santos Espejo Quijada will be coming June 20/21 and may have time in her schedule to have a parent meeting. This would be open to anyone, but especially geared towards Spanish speaking families who would benefit from hearing why enrollment in this program will help retain their language, both written and spoken for their children.

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Registration is Open!

Hello Families,

Just a reminder that you can still register your child for Spanish Bilingual Kindergarten at Earl Grey School. The school is located at 340 Cockburn Street N. and the phone number is 474-1441. The program still has spots available for this September! Hurry!

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Commitment of Moving Foward

Now that the Winnipeg School Division has officially committed to starting the Spanish Bilingual program at Earl Grey School for kindergarten in the fall, if you have a child born in 2011 you will need to contact the school at (204) 474-1441 to register them. The kindergarten class will be held in the morning.

Eugenia and I are still committed to advocating for a Spanish program in other divisions. In order to have a viable chance of starting anywhere else, we need to have 20 children in one division in one year. Without that, a presentation would be ineffective. We know that we can be successful because we've already done it in WSD!

Below are the numbers of what we have already on our database. Do you see your division? Would you like to have a Spanish Bilingual program in your area? 

Help us spread the word and get the numbers up so we can present to your school trustees!

2011 (kindergarten for 2016)
2- St. James
7 - River East
5 - Pembina Trails
7 - Louis Riel
4 - Seven Oaks

2012 (kindergarten for 2017)
4 - St. James
2 - River East
11 - Pembina Trails
11 - Louis Riel
1 - Seven Oaks

2005 (late start grade 7 for 2017)
11- WSD
1 - Pembina Trails
1- Seven Oaks
1 - Louis Riel